Finance & Credit

Flexible Financing Options

Canusa’s financial resources translate into flexible financing options for our customers. We can offer extended payment terms, accommodate letters of credit, or transact in currencies worldwide to fit your business needs. For our suppliers, financial strength equates to speed and reliability. We can offer short payment terms to our suppliers and have established a reputation over decades of paying our bills on time, every time.

Risk Management

Canusa and its team of financial professionals have decades of experience in international trade and managing its inherent risks. Our deep understanding of the trade credit insurance market and other risk mitigation tools allows us to insulate suppliers from those credit and financial risks so they can focus on their core business.

Equipment & Equity Financing

We understand that Canusa’s success depends on the success of our suppliers and customers. We embrace the opportunity to craft financial solutions to meet the unique needs of our suppliers and customers, including equipment, project, and equity financing.

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