Connecting Paper and Packaging
Partners Around the Globe.

Canusa Paper & Packaging is an independent international trader of containerboard and other papers for the packaging industry. For more than 40 years, Canusa has delivered producers and consumers of packaging papers with quality sustainable products, superior market knowledge, and service combined with creative and effective financing and supply chain solutions.


Canusa Paper & Packaging sources, markets, sells, and ships more than 200,000 tons per year of linerboard, medium, kraft paper, paperboard, and other papers for the packaging industry. With a supplier and customer network spanning more than 45 countries, Canusa offers direct access to the most important markets across the globe.


Canusa’s capabilities, scale, and financial resources are tailored to meet each of our suppliers’ and customers’ unique needs. Our experienced, dedicated, and skilled team of professionals provide access to the products and markets you need while developing and executing financial and supply chain strategies that deliver superior results.


Canusa’s foundation is in the recycling industry, and today, Canusa Hershman Recycling and Newport CH International are two of the world’s leading independent traders of recyclable commodities. In addition to offering solutions for the recycling industry, Canusa Hershman has expanded to trade other commodities, including plastic resins, packaging papers, and pulp & alternative fibers, while also building and growing a network of material recovery facilities in the U.S.

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